Creating Success Stories Since 1991

From executives to entry level workers, PTP has helped many individuals transform their professional lives. Executives polish their leadership skills, while entry level workers learn skills needed to ignite their careers.Our clients include:

-CEO’s and other executives
-Directors and Managers
-Professional Athletes
-Administrators & office workers
-Manual Laborers
-Individuals with Disabilities
-High School and College Graduates

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PolishingThePro™October 5, 9:45 pm

Hiring People With Disabilities Isn’t Just the Right Thing to Do—It’s Good for Business

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The Wall Street Journal Radio - What's News: Getting Hired with Mathew Passy, Guest CEO of Polishing The Professional, Davina Douthard

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Helping Individuals With Barriers Find Work When you are an individual with barriers and are seeking employment, finding work can often seem like an impossible task.continue reading